Mixtape:1978 This Saturday

It’s great to be back in action after our unofficial Summer hiatus and now that we’re back we’re bringing 1978 with us! Our show this Saturday at Rosebud Bar will be a celebration of the music of 1978 which as you know is everything from Disco to Punk. Some of our favorite (and not so favorite) artists released their greatest albums during this year and we’re really excited to pay tribute to them.
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Night 1. Band 1.

The schedule for the 2011 Rock and Roll Rumble was decided this past Sunday night by picking the names out of a hat and wouldn’t you know it we’re competing against not only one friends band but TWO! Yes, our friends (or soon to be enemies) Jenny Dee and the Deelinquents and Old Jack will be on the bill the same night, as well as McAllister Drive. It’s going to be an incredible gig and would be on any given night outside of the Rumble. This show will sell out very fast so please get your tickets early!

Sunday April 3rd at 8:30 PM
T.T. the Bears
10 Brookline St. Cambridge, MA

9:00 The Blizzard of 78
9:45 Jenny Dee and the Deelinquents
10:30 Old Jack
11:15 McAllister Drive

2011 Rock and Roll Rumble!

We are very excited to announce that we are playing in this years Rock and Roll Rumble. The Rumble has been held in Boston as far back as 1979 and it will be an honor to play with some of the best bands in the city!

Basically, 24 bands are chosen to compete against each other over six nights in a preliminary round which starts on Sunday April 3rd. The six winners plus two wild cards then compete the next week in the semifinal round on April 14th and 15th. The whole thing wraps up on Friday April 22nd with the two winners and one wild card from the previous round. This year all of the shows will be at T.T. the Bears Place in Cambridge. We’ll be revealing the date of our preliminary round on Sunday March 13th after the schedule is announced on the air on Boston Emissions with Anngelle Wood on 100.7 WZLX. Also you can follow the Rumble on Facebook.

The Quartet

We’ve been rehearsing as a four peice lately and it’s sounding surprisingly well considering there aren’t any keyboards (see post below). It’s definitely made practicing the same old songs a little more interesting and brought some life to the set. But as expected there is something missing (kind of like an empty seat at the dinner table) and the plan is to add some keys as well as a horn section and possibly acoustic guitar too. Maybe we’ll have to change the name of our band to The Blizzard of 78 Orchestra!! Stay tuned!


We’ve had some changes of late in TBO78. Our longtime friend and bandmate Brian Syrjala has decided to leave the Blizzard. It’s never easy when someone leaves a band or organization but Brian couldn’t have made it easier and we still love him. He added much more than just some keyboard parts to this band and we all will miss him.

Brian tracking piano for our latest ep